Rigs 4 Us Back in Business After 4/20 Raid

Rigs 4 Us, the smoke shop ot 5912 East Colfax Avenue that hosted the Colorado Cup on 4/20, re-opened its doors last Wednesday, one week after it was raided by the Denver Police Department and closed by the fire department in the middle of the event.

According to owner Anna Zhuravlev, a city inspector visited the store on April 25 and gave her a list of items that needed to be fixed in order for Rigs 4 Us to re-open. An inspector from the fire department also paid a visit to make sure previous fire hazards were removed. After hiring an electrician to install new outlets and cover up some wires, Zhuravlev says the shop was approved to reopen on April 27.

Store manager Harmony Williams says the inspections were quick and efficient. “We showed them what everything was and what we planned on using it for, and they were happy to give us the use permit,” she says.

The building occupied by Rigs 4 Us is still zoned as both a business and a private property, Zhuravlev says, with the business portion accounting for just over 1,000 square feet of the approximately 1,850 square foot building. 

While no one at the store was happy with how the raid came down during the Colorado Cup, they're grateful to be back in business. "We're thankful to be 100 percent compliant,” Williams says.
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