Rigs 4 Us Celebrating First Anniversary on April 1 With Community Dab Fest

Rigs 4 Us will celebrate its first anniversary on April 1 with a day of dabbing and DJs at a real house party. It’s been a year since Anna Zhuravlev opened her head shop at 5912 East Colfax Avenue, next to the Mindful dispensary and Los Parceros, a Colombian restaurant. At the start, the shop was named Blown Glass Gifts and Vapes, but after Zhuravlev found other Colorado businesses with the same name, she decided to change it to Rigs R Us and used the iconic Toys R Us font. Then she was advised by an attorney to change the “R" to a “4” to avoid legal ramifications.

Name problems aside, Zhuravlev says she’s had a great experience running a business on Colfax, and what used to be a low traffic area has been transformed into a popular spot. “We brought a lot of business into Mayfair," she says. "That’s important to me. It used to be a dead block. The Colombian restaurant next door to me is busy all the time. Mindful is always busy. We send business to each other, so it’s nice.” Since Rigs 4 Us is considered a residence as well as a business,  people can smoke, dab and munch on edibles at her discretion — and that's made her quite popular in the neighborhood. Anyone 21 and over is welcome to hit a dab or a glob of potent weed wax, she notes, and people can even take their own goods into the shop for a smoke. “It’s home of the free dabs. That’s the beauty,” Zhuravlev says. “There’s no other place like it.”

On April 1, Zhuravlev will be unveiling a new addition to her shop: a one-of-a-kind dab bar that was recently constructed in her finished basement. Step right up to the wooden bar, take your dab at one of the dabbing stations, and melt into the massive leather couch lined with Christmas lights. It’s safe, secure and very welcoming.  But there are some bare walls down there, so the shop is asking artists to stop by with art to hang.The community dab fest runs from 10 am. to 9 p.m. on Friday, April 1 at Rigs 4 Us.  Local glassblower Anderson Coats will be blowing custom pieces on the back patio, while DJ Dem Freq keeps the crowd entertained.  The grills and smokers will be cooking, too, and you're invited to bring things to grill or THC-infused treats to share — the staff just asks that you clearly label the infused foods. 
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