Steve Chase, RIP: Remembering owner of La Conte's Clone Bar and Dispensary

Got word last night and sadly confirmed that Steve Chase, 54, owner of La Conte's Clone Bar and Dispensary, died of a heart attack January 27. An employee I spoke with said the shop was mourning his loss, but added they plan to stay open.

Moreover, the staffer added that La Conte's will maintain Chase's approach of offering blue-collar Coloradans with top-shelf herb at blue-collar prices. I hope so, because they were one of the few shops I've been to recently that I saw make a real effort to put price-conscious patients first.

Chase was a relative newcomer to the medical marijuana world after years in the car-wash industry -- and one employee quoted members of Chase's family as saying the last six months at La Conte's were the happiest of his life. I had the chance to visit with Chase on several occasions during and after my review, and I was always impressed by his take on the industry as well as his love for the people he was serving. I only wish more dispensary owners were as excited to talk about the their shop, their products and the industry as a whole as he was.

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William Breathes
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