Stoner MacGyver contest: Win a Silver Surfer Vaporizer with a photo of your janky-ass pipe

This week in Stoner MacGyver, we're changing things up and giving away a brand new Silver Surfer Vaporizer from Colorado-based Seventh Floor. The catch? We want to make sure it goes to the most deserving person.

If you have been smoking marijuana for any length of time, you've likely used one the traditional makeshift pieces: apple pipes, foil pipes, Coke can pipes and high school art-class clay pipes. Some of you may still be using them, actually -- and if so, this contest is for you.

I remember rigging up a bong with some plastic tubing, a two-liter Coke bottle and an anodized-blue, twist-together aluminum pipe. It was stashed in the back of my closet, hidden away in an old pair of boots. Every so often, when the folks had gone off to bed, I would pull the pieces out and spend an hour assembling them for the five minutes it would take to smoke the single bowl of schwag I had rationed for the night.

Those days are long gone, and I now have a semi-decent collection of unbroken and un-ghetto pieces thanks to some amazing Colorado glass blowers. I also own a Silver Surfer Vape, which I picked up about six years now. I originally snagged it after having some repertory problems. But I've found myself using it much more than that since.

It's not my everyday piece, but I do keep it out on the desk and ready to go. They are definitely great at making a bowl of herb last longer -- and some would say much better on the lungs than puffing herb (I'm no doctor, don't look to me for such answers). This new version we are giving away is an upgrade from the one I use and has a nice glass-on-glass joint and a snazzy carrying case, as well.

So, dear Mile Highs and Lows readers: Here's how you can say peace to your pieced-together piece of a piece and make this vape your own. Send us photos and a few words about the janky-ass pipe you're using, and if we feel sorry enough for you, we'll bestow upon you this high-tech wonderpipe, which was originally won by our Westword Street Team at a Legalize 2012 event.

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You don't have to be a medical marijuana patient, but you do have to be over eighteen to claim this bad boy. We'll announce the winner in two weeks, just in time to make someone's Christmas/ Chanukah/Kwanza/Winter Solstice.

Just a heads-up: We will be posting photo from the winner and runners-up, but we will also keep things completely anonymous. That said, if you want to claim the prize be sure and include a real return e-mail address.

Send your entries to marijuana@westword.com

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