Strain Gang: Stardawg Guava at Clinic Colorado

When I dropped by the Clinic Colorado last summer, I couldn’t afford anything on the shelves. The shop, located at 3888 East Mexico Avenue, was selling eighths for more than $70 after tax on the recreational side. I’d never paid that much for chronic as a pasty tourist in Florida — and I definitely wasn’t going to do so at a Colorado dispensary. Still, the Clinic’s flower lineup looked and smelled incredible, and after months of daydreaming about its infamous strains, I finally stopped back in to see if prices had dropped.

In fact, they were much friendlier this time around, with half-eighth options and single grams available. Trying to choose between two of the Clinic’s award-winning sativa strains — Tangie and Stardawg Guava — had me gridlocked. The budtender recommended Stardawg for staying productive after smoking, and since I had some homework to do, I purchased 1.75 grams for $30. (That’s still not cheap, but much more affordable than what was available ten months ago.)

Opening up the pre-packaged buds at home gave me an intense nosegasm. Sweet, fruity aromas jumped right out, with hints of diesel lingering long after; my mouth watered as a tart earthiness filled my nostrils. Despite the small amount I’d bought, all of the nugs were full and robust. Rich, amber trichomes cloaked the Stardawg’s light-green calyxes, giving them a yellowish hue, and the noticeable lack of stems made me smile. I couldn’t twist one up fast enough — and after a few drags, subtle tropical notes danced around my taste buds and a familiar earthy flavor stuck to the back of my tongue.

The Clinic’s Stardawg Guava is a sativa-dominant child of Chemdawg and Chem4. Its head high can be intense at first, but your functionality after smoking it is almost scary. If you’re suffering from anxiety or trying to hide your habit from a visiting relative who doesn’t approve of cannabis, this is the strain for you.

Next time I’m fresh off payday or flush with cash, I’ll be sure to stop by the Clinic again for a larger taste of its pricey but elite selection.

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