Ten best Amendment 64-themed pictures on Instagram

It's 2012 -- at least for a few more days. It was the year that recreational pot became legal in Colorado, and people sure do love bragging about their marijuana on social media. Instagram is a particular hotspot for Amendment 64-related picture posts. Continue reading for our ten favorite Colorado pot-themed posts from the famous photo app. 10. So frosty I can barely focus. 9. Redhead smoking red hairs. 8. Smell it through the screen, baby.

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7. An offering to the ganja gods. 6. Sorry, Utah. 5. Keif box salad.

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4. Confucius say bud on table must be broken up and smoked. 3. Buds so fresh and clean they glow. 2. A new generation begins.

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1. Take me to your... nevermind, just hand me a pipe.

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