Ten most memorable baby-face mug shots of 2011

This year brought a bumper crop of mug shots, as you've discovered in collections highlighting intimidating images, celebrities and notables, tattoos, hairstyles, women and weirdness.

Next up: ten arrestees with baby faces belying their booking photos. Look them over below, and be sure to click the accompanying links to read our original coverage.

Read more in "Brighton Police Department arrests six -- for putting dish soap in a swimming pool?" Read more in "Zachary Kocman, Joseph Murphy: Bias-motivated charges for yelling gay slur, assault." Read more in "Antonio Rios third person sentenced in beating death of Nathan Bozonier, age 16." Read more in "Hector Sifuentes, 15 others busted for firearms and/or drug violations in last 72 hours." Read more in "Robert James busted for robbing Indispensary, Colorado Springs medical marijuana center." Page down for more baby faces. Read more in "Frances Woodke & Shakiel Madden-Vaughn: Latest on hooker with AIDS, teen sex assaulter." Read more in "Phillip Abernathy & Connor Greenwall: Teens allegedly just old enough to distribute child porn." Read more in "Marijuana & fatal crashes: Joshua Wittig update & man who died with 110 nanogram THC score." Read more in "Erick Perez, seven others charged in case of juvenile set on fire at party on Valentine's Day." Read more in "Ryan Wappel: Convicted teen sex offender caught supposedly teaching kids 'dance moves.'"

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