The Five Most Talked About Issues in Denver Right Now

Between numerous homeless sweeps, new development popping up like weeds, crime on the 16th Street Mall, the upcoming election and the ever-evolving pot industry, it's been a busy summer. There's no better time than the present — and a three-day weekend — to catch up on the latest news on the hottest topics in Denver. 

5. Homelessness
Fort Lyon Helps Homeless Addicts — and an Ailing Rural Economy

Homeless Move Forward with Class Action Suit Against Denver Over Sweeps

Homeless Sweeps: Large Police Crackdown on Individuals Along Platte River

Homeless Encampment Emerges Near Kerouac's Old Stamping Grounds

4. 16th Street Mall
16th Street Mall: Are Homelessness, Drugs, Crime on Mall Costing Denver?

What Went Down on the 16th Street Mall Before the Sun Came Up

Inside the New 16th Street Mall Private-Sector Security Plan

Video of New 16th Street Mall Attack Shows Cops Arriving Late, Busting No One

3. Development
Judge Dismisses Littleton Resident's Lawsuit Against The Grove

Denver Development and Controversial Impact of "Slot Houses"

See Denver Neighborhood Changes From Slot Houses, Development Boom

Who Will Doubled Stormwater Fees Help Most — Developers or Neighborhoods?

2. Ballot measures
Neighborhood Supported Cannabis Pilot Program Qualifies for Ballot

Anti-Fracking Measures Fail to Make Ballot, Backers Cry Foul

Proposal to Put Independent Monitor's Office in Denver Charter Makes Ballot

Denver NORML-Backed Social-Pot-Use Measure Doesn't Make Ballot

1. Marijuana
DEA: Marijuana Home Grows Are the New "Meth Houses"

Marijuana Edibles: Blue Kudu Expanding Operations, Chocolate Line

Baker Creates Tech That Links Marijuana Dispensaries With Customers

DEA's Marijuana Rescheduling Announcement May Not Come in 2016

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