The Westword.com blog shortcut, January 29 edition

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Today in Backbeat Online:Flier of the week: Minor Authority at the Gothic. • Talking during shows: the musicians' perspective -- Eric Shiveley. • Talking during shows: the musicians' perspective -- Kurt Ottaway. • Talking during shows: the musicians' perspective -- John Common. • Talking during shows: the musicians' perspective -- Gene Davis. • Mama's debut set to drop in March. • Mile-Hi Fidelity playlist -- 01-28-09. • Workhorse on the radio tonight. • DJ Vajra in Serato Scratch ad.

Today in Cafe Society:February a stout time at Mountain Sun and Vine Street Pub. • Bon Appétit Culinary and Wine Focus begins. • Veggie Girl: Taqueria Patzcuaro. • Southern Sun recycling ablaze!Our Weekly Bread: the Emerson at Earl's. • A burrito bonanza!

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Today in The Latest Word:Dean Singleton's giant balls. • Baby born at Denver Public Library truly is Unique. • The Birdman is flying high. (No, not like that...)Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario: Ted Haggard's insurance policies, part two. • Denver circa 1984, when Ernie Bjorkman was king and Reagan was cool. Strange but true.

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