Tom Tancredo and Michelle Malkin -- the new dream team?

Now that Dan Maes has rejected Tom Tancredo's final offer that they both withdraw and let the Republican Party pick a new gubernatorial candidate, the race is really on -- and Tancredo has confirmed that he may be looking for a new running mate. The most intriguing name to surface?

Michelle Malkin.

"I'm flattered," Malkin told Peter Boyles this morning, when he told her that her name had been floated. The conservative columnist and blogger was booked on the show to talk about her new book, but she also had plenty to say about this fall's races -- across the country and here in Colorado, where she moved a few years ago.

Which makes her eligible to become a candidate -- but while Malkin and Tancredo would be a right-wing dream team, don't look for her to give up her day job.

Like Tancredo, Malkin is no stranger to controversy. Since she moved to Colorado Springs, she's had her fair share of interesting encounters, including this meet-up with a 9/11 Truther and a run-in with a pig.


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