Top Tweets About Drew Lock's Future After Broncos' Win Over Panthers

Drew Lock was all smiles after the Broncos' road win over the Panthers.
Drew Lock was all smiles after the Broncos' road win over the Panthers. Denver Broncos via YouTube
The funniest, most telling introduction to an optimistic tweet about the Denver Broncos after they defeated the Carolina Panthers 32-27 on December 13 begins with this: "I might be drunk...."

If so, you're not alone, pal. The now 5-8 Broncos have had a more down-than-up 2020-2021 season thus far, with positive developments such as the squad's W over the improving Miami Dolphins outweighed by the opening-week choke job against the Tennessee Titans, the no-actual-quarterbacks-available debacle versus the New Orleans Saints, and last week's non-upset of the world-champion Kansas City Chiefs, which had social media users calling for the firing of John Elway, Vic Fangio, Pat Shurmur and pretty much everyone else on the payroll.

Underpinning all of these responses is the continuing question of whether Drew Lock is the Broncos' long-term answer at quarterback — and the draftee from the University of Missouri offered some reasons for optimism against Carolina. Not only did he complete the vast majority of his passes (21 of 27) rather than bumping along near the 50 percent line, as usual, but a number of his long balls were caught by people wearing the same color jersey as the QB. He tossed four touchdown passes, all to young wide receivers — one each to Tim Patrick and Jerry Jeudy, a pair to K.J. Hamler — who've been desperately waiting for much of the campaign to prove how good they are.

Of course, Lock almost gave up a fumble at the six (Jeudy tackled Carolina's Efe Obada at the three), and his inability to eat clock in the second half gave the Panthers an opportunity to make the contest close after falling behind 25-10 — an odd score, given two inexplicable extra-point misses by Brandon McManus, who admitted on Twitter that he sucked yesterday, and Fangio's mondo-stupid decision to take a McManus make off the board in order to go for a two-point conversion that failed. But compared to his past performances, the QB showed that he's far from talent-free — and plenty of fans who've been doubting him suddenly seem to believe this is the Lock we'll see every week from now on.

Slow your roll. The Panthers are a mediocre unit at best, especially without hometown hero Christian McCaffrey, who sat out yet another game with a lingering injury, and Lock has followed flashes of brilliance with sputters of incompetence before. But history didn't put a damper on the post-game enthusiasm that suffused Broncos Country.

See what we mean by counting down our picks for the most memorable tweets about the game.

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