Tour Denver the DaVita way

The announcement that DaVita, a healthcare giant specializing in kidney dialysis, is moving its corporate headquarters to the Denver area offers a rare bit of good economic news during a period filled with plenty of the opposite sort -- and judging by its website, execs at the firm understand that surviving tough times means finding as many ways as possible to make their services indispensible. For instance, its guest-services section offers tips on "Easy Traveling on Dialysis," complete with guides to numerous American cities that sport DaVita clinics. The Denver page references fun places to visit in the area, ranging from Red Rocks to the Molly Brown House, as well as a list of local dialysis centers courtesy of DialysisFinder.com.

"Thinking you're long overdue for a vacation, but you can't go because you're on dialysis? Not a problem!" the text declares. "With just a little planning, you can leave town and still get the dialysis care you need at DaVita centers nationwide. So, maybe it's time you plan a visit to the Rocky Mountain state. John Denver sang about its magnificent mountain peaks and even took his last name from the state capitol. Denver, Colorado is a city of breathtaking mountain views that you wouldn't want to miss. Schedule your dialysis at a DaVita center in Denver, and then start planning your adventure in one of America's most beautiful cities."

Looks like members of the DaVita braintrust have taken their own advice.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.