Trevor Morris and Ashley Bradford accused of using machetes to rob pot from MMJ dispensary

Sounds like the set-up for a joke: A couple dressed more or less as ninjas, and carrying machetes, walk into a medical marijuana dispensary. What do they want? Weed! Trevor Morris and Ashley Bradford probably don't find this punchline to be especially funny, though, given that they've been arrested for the aggravated robbery of a Gunbarrel MMJ center. And that's not all.

It wasn't tough for authorities to find Morris and Bradford yesterday, given that they were reportedly in Boulder County Jail, having been picked up for allegedly swiping credit cards from two vehicles and using them to the pricey tune of $1,000-plus.

The theft allegations were accompanied by two first-degree trespassing charges and sixteen counts each pertaining to identity theft and forgery, plus a resisting-arrest beef for Morris. And along the way, Boulder Sheriff's office reps heard from a woman who told them the couple had also claimed to have pulled a dispensary stick-up -- and an especially pointed one at that.

Back in February, the Boulder Police Department notes, a couple entered Green Dreams Health Services on Lookout Road dressed in dark clothing, with ski masks over their faces and machete-type knifes in their mitts. They weren't all that into waiting in line to make a purchase like the rest of the customers said to be on hand at the time. Instead, they pointed their blades at an employee and demanded weed, then split with the center's cannabis stock.

Morris and Bradford aren't going anywhere right now. The $20,000 bail under which they were being held on the credit card charges has been supplemented by another $50,000 for the robbery. And the BPD stresses that the investigation is continuing, just in case the couple have pulled any other notable jobs.

Potentially making them the ninja Bonnie and Clyde -- but with a certain weakness for mellowing out.

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