The snow totals in many parts of metro Denver were in the one-to-two-inch range.
The snow totals in many parts of metro Denver were in the one-to-two-inch range.

Twitter Laughs at Denver Bomb Cyclone II Fail

Like many sequels, Denver Bomb Cyclone II turned out to be a weak version of the much more powerful original.

The March 13 bomb cyclone — the term is shorthand for explosive cyclogenesis, aka bombogenesis, a phenomenon characterized by a swiftly deepening low-pressure area capable of producing heavy winds — produced legitimate blizzard conditions that resulted in widespread power outages, with thousands left without electricity for days.

So when forecasters predicted that the phenomenon would smack Denver again on April 10 using scary graphics showing sky-high snow totals, plenty of locals expected the worst. The included the folks at Denver International Airport, where more than 700 flights were canceled in advance of the flakes.

In the end, though, panic was unnecessary. While some places in Colorado got a considerable amount of the white stuff (though nothing even close to historic amounts), and Interstate 70 has actually been closed on the Eastern plains due to adverse conditions, most of the metro area saw accumulation in the one-to-two-inch range and winds that were downright modest compared to the previous iteration.

True, the roads are lousy this morning, but mostly because plowing has been difficult given that so little snow fell in many places.

The response to this scenario on Twitter has been hilarious, with plenty of commentators aiming barbs at TV meteorologists who were once again left to explain why a supposed snowpocalypse turned out to be a minor spring storm — with CBS4's Chris Spears being a notable exception. At 4:37 p.m. on April 9, he tweeted, "Ok y’all I keep seeing and hearing #bombcyclone2019 thrown around. I know it’s sexy and all, but this isn’t quite that this time though extremely strong. Let’s call this one the ugly 3rd cousin from mama’s side of the family."

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