Video: Body found near Fountain Creek, dam break in Larimer County

The ongoing

flooding in the Boulder area

is being echoed in other locations along the Front Range, including in El Paso and Larimer counties.

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The former has already seen one fatality: A thus-far unidentified body was found near Fountain Creek in the Colorado Springs area. And there's been a dam break in the latter -- one that has already triggered additional evacuations.

More details below.

The hash tag #waldoflood is being used for tweets about the flooding around the Springs -- an indication that much of the concern over runoff is centered on the area where the Waldo Canyon fire devastated so much of the landscape.

The tragic events aren't over. Moments ago, the Colorado Springs Police Department tweeted the following:

Below, get a look at Fountain Creek via a Vine posted by Isaac Blancas:

Meanwhile, in Larimer County, the deluge is causing significant problems as well. Here's a Larimer County Sheriff's Office tweet from earlier this morning:

Fortunately, the situation doesn't appear to be dire, as noted by this followup message....

...but emergency personnel aren't taking any chances:

And the worst may not be over. Moments ago, the sheriff's office revealed that a flash-flood warning for Big Thompson Canyon, site of a 1976 flood that destroyed hundreds of homes, has been extended until 5 p.m. tonight.

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