Video: Hunter Yelton, six, suspended for sexual harassment after kissing classmate's hand

No denying that Canon City six-year-old Hunter Yelton is a charmer. But charm didn't get him out of trouble this week, and may have actually gotten him into it. That's because he was suspended after kissing a classmate on the hand -- an act the boy's school branded sexual harassment.

This term clearly offends Hunter's mom -- so much so that she went public with the story of his forbidden love. And when it comes to smooching this particular crush, he's a two-time offender.

The story comes to us courtesy of KRDO-TV in Colorado Springs, which has done two stories on Hunter -- the first about the incident itself, the second featuring a psychologist who says the boy's behavior is perfectly natural for his age.

The clip below combines these reports, which aren't embeddable -- but it's definitely worth checking out the original, if only to see the way Hunter announces, "I just have a lot of energy. And six year olds? They have a lot of energy!"

Said energy hasn't always been used in the preferred manner at Lincoln School of Science & Technology. Hunter's mom, Jennifer Saunders, acknowledges that he's had behavior issues in the past. Example? He previously gave the girl a kiss on the cheek.

His latest display of affection -- laying his lips on the girl's hand -- prompted the other children in the music class Hunter was attending to tell the teacher what happened. Before long, Jennifer was in the principal's office, where the term "sexual harassment" set her off.

"This is taking it to an extreme that doesn't need to be met with a six year old. Now my son is asking questions.... 'What is sex, mommy?' That should not ever be said, sex. Not in a sentence with a six year old," she told the station.

Oh yeah: Jennifer also says Hunter and his classmate are "boyfriend and girlfriend" -- she uses air quotes to illustrate the phrase. She insists that the girl likes Hunter, too, and didn't mind the kiss.

Jennifer maintains that she's working with Hunter on his behavior, and she stops short of arguing in favor of him being allowed to run around school macking on anyone and everyone. She just doesn't want her little boy to be branded a sexual harasser, even if the documents in question won't go any further than the RE-1 school district.

Hunter, for his part, seems to be enjoying the attention. Prepare yourselves, females of a certain age: This little boy is getting older every day.

Here's the aforementioned report combo pack.

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