Video: Mecca Tavern gunfire among shots-fired incidents on St. Patrick's Day weekend

The combination of St. Patrick's Day and alcohol can make for a volatile brew. And that's especially true when the annual March 17 celebration falls on a weekend, as it did this year.

The result this time around was at least two metro-area incidents involving gunfire -- the first taking place at a Golden home shortly after midnight on Sunday, the other one that evening at the Mecca Tavern near 8th and Federal.

Details, photos and video below.

First up: the Golden incident. Just past the witching hour on March 17, according to the Golden Police Department, officers were dispatched to the 17000 block of West 16th Avenue on a report of shots fired at a residence there.

Upon their arrival, officers discovered that an adult male resident had twice pulled his revolver's trigger, sending bullets into the ground outside his abode.

Why? Allegedly in response to someone -- perhaps a St. Paddy's Day reveler, perhaps not -- ringing his doorbell and running away.

The doorbell scofflaw remains at large, but the man with the gun, identified as 46-year-old Ture Hoefner, was issued a summons for reckless endangerment, unlawful use of a firearm and unlawfully discharging a firearm.

Approximately 9 p.m. that night, less than 24 hours later after the bust at the Hoefner place, 9News reports about more gunplay at the Mecca Tavern, with the shots apparently directed toward the watering hole.

In response, security inside the venue rushed outside and shot back.

At this point, there's no indication that anyone was injured during this volley of lead -- and not much information about possible suspects. The only identifier made public thus far: The initial shooters may have been riding in a green sedan.

The color was appropriate for St. Patrick's Day, at least.

Look below to see a 9News package about the Mecca Tavern shooting, followed by two interactive graphics -- the first showing the area near the bar, the other one depicted the scene of the Golden shooting. If you have any problems seeing the images, click "View Larger Map" on each.

View Larger Map

View Larger Map

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.