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Videos: Five funniest Denver TV news bloopers

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The 7News story about CIA director David Petraues's resignation that featured a doctored book cover reading All Up in My Snatch instantly joined the pantheon of great Denver TV news bloopers. But while some gaffes -- like '80s-era KCNC anchor Madeline McFadden asking weatherman Larry Green what happened to the eight inches he promised her -- live on only in memory, many have been preserved on video. Here are our five favorites.

Number 5: The crooked crack

In October 2010, Channel 2's Chris Parente and Natalie Tysdal were bantering about unicorns when the studio cut to a shot of what Parente described as his unicorn tattoo. But it was hard to tell from the image what part of his body had been inked up -- and when Tysdal mentioned that a crack to one side of the horny horsey was "crooked," both of them lost their shit. And you'll be glad they did.

Continue to see more of our five funniest Denver TV news bloopers. Number 4: Clowdy with a Chance of Meathead

September 11, 2008 marked a somber anniversary. But it's tough not to smile watching Leland Vittert, then of Fox31, read about a cool and cloudy day with a graphic behind him featuring the word "Clowdy."

Continue to see more of our five funniest Denver TV news bloopers. Number 3: George W. Bitch

What's funniest about this 9News clip, from September 2011, is how quickly anchor Cheryl Preheim recovers from apparently referring to the 43rd President of the United States as "George W. Bitch," instantly correcting herself and moving on as if nothing gut-busting happened. Smooth!

Continue to see more of our five funniest Denver TV news bloopers. Number 2: Make that scary man go away!

Here's how we described this clip in a September 2012 post accurately headlined "Dan Daru makes horrified child cry on live TV:"

Westword has shown a lot of love to Fox31's Dan Daru over the years, including a 2000 profile and a Best of Denver award that same year in the category "Best Proof That TV Attracts the Clinically Insane." But the kid seen in the video below isn't amused by Daru's antics. Indeed, during a recent morning show, the kid gave Big Dan the death glare before bursting into sobs. The results are tragic and hilarious in equal measure.

Wonder how many years of therapy it'll take before this child can stop picturing Daru's face during nightmares....

Continue to see our pick for funniest Denver TV news blooper. Number 1: What a bust!

Here's our lead-in to this clip from a December 2011 post:

And you thought that 9News graphic from February that read "Shit Off My Back" was a lock for local TV blooper of the year? You'll reconsider after seeing the following video, in which weather guy Ashton Altieri tells a female colleague, "Congratulations on your big hooters."

It's funny because it's true!

More from our Media archive: "Sh*t off my back story definite highlight of 9News broadcast (PHOTO)."

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