Welcome Sensi Skywalker, Westword's first medical marijuana intern

After a tireless search and dozens of entries, we here at Mile Highs and Lows have finally found the one lucky local college student who will be cleaning bongs helping out around the office as Westword's first medical marijuana intern.

Allow us to introduce you to Sensi Skywalker.

All of the entries -- including one from an Iranian national with more scientific degrees and credentials than half this industry combined -- were great, with very few of the stoner-cliché run-on sentences and overuse of commas. But the eventual top choice stood out above the rest from the start. She titled her submission e-mail "WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER."

Our newest addition is working toward her journalism degree at Metro State, is a medical marijuana card holder and has a passion and love for this plant that I know our fine readers can appreciate.

In addition to the less-than-glorious jobs we'll be giving her, including updating our dispensary listings and our two-year-plus back catalogue of Westword dispensary reviews, she'll be contributing news, reviews and cannabis culture pieces now and then in our Latest Word and Mile Highs and Lows blogs.

Like me, she'll be using a pen name for her posts so that she can remain anonymous with the medical marijuana centers. After a few days of thought, she settled on a name befitting her Jedi-like ability to get this position.

And now, a few words from Ms. Skywalker:

Well, hello, ganja lovers.

It looks as though we meet in the wonderfully awkward 'getting to know the intern' blog made up of my first words to readers whom I hope to entertain and engage through my time with this radical newspaper. I can't say I'm too good with these introduction-type things, so to make things more comfortable, let's chat this out over a bowl. I'll give you a second to pack one up.

Good to go? Got your lighter? Cool, let's session.

It seems as though everyone's relationship with Ms. Mary Jane is a little different. Sure, she's more commonly seen as a party favor, but her ability to affect a person's life goes far beyond the frat houses and dorm rooms. She is a gift, given to mankind from the roots of Mother Nature as a form of connection for both the individual and everything surrounding it. When the body and mind get high, they no longer struggle with the obscure reality that often plagues their experience. Marijuana's ability to reestablish balance in the mind and body of the toker is immense and evident. It's a medicine, in every sense.

As the pot intern, I will represent Ms. Mary J through the pages and blogs of Westword. Marijuana deserves its presence in the press, and I'm here to represent our beloved plant.

May the ganj be with you,

Sensi Skywalker

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