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Reader: Writing for the Post Is as Much of a Career-Killer as Writing for Westword!

A 2016 Westword cover story compared the owner of the Post to a blood-sucking vampire.
A 2016 Westword cover story compared the owner of the Post to a blood-sucking vampire. Patrick Faricy
It's been a tough few weeks for the Denver Post. In mid-March, the paper's hedge-fund owners reported they would cut a third of the newsroom staff, which has already suffered through devastating layoffs over the years. On April 8, the Post's editorial page revolted, devoting the entire Perspective section to columns on why "News Matters," asking the Post's owners for mercy and earning headlines across the country. 

Here at home, though, some people aren't persuaded that the Post is worth saving. Says Jeffrey:
Just close it down and put us all out of our misery. Seem the "reporters" would rather whine than put out a quality product. Let Anschutz re-open the Rocky Mountain News with talented writers.
Responds Bob:
 It has nothing to do with the hedge fund. They didn’t listen to their customers. They pulled the readers' opinion poll; every piece of feedback they were given they ignored. We canceled our seven-day-a-week subscription. I will never buy this paper again.
Adds Ernie:
Newspapers should all die. Waste of paper and ink.
Says Sam:
We want our Rocky back. Westword is mostly MaryJane ads these days.... maybe replace the paid staff at the Post with interns who care....
And Steve concludes:
Reporting at the DP these days is as much of a career killer as writing for Westword!

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