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Bombay Bistro's new frozen foods come with a warm heart

Bombay Bistro, the Indian restaurant at 1800 Broadway in Boulder, has figured out a way to take its business to the next level -- and give back to the community in the process.

It's introduced its own line of frozen food based on some of Bombay's best sellers, including beef short ribs, chana sag (a vegan spinach dish that's gluten-free), vegetable korma (vegan vegetable stew, also gluten-free), and even nan to make the meal complete -- and for every five sold, one meal will be donated to the local food bank.

"We have a spiritual philosophy that what you put in, you get back," explains owner and head cook Paul Gill. "Twenty-five percent of the profits are going to local charity."

Gill, who credits his mother's beliefs with inspiring this contribution to the community, says he isn't really concerned with profiting off the line right now, but rather wants to give back to people suffering through hard times. "It all made sense to me to donate back to our community," he adds.

Since the launch of the line, he estimates that Bombay Bistro has "sold about 500 boxes" and probably given away just as many. "There are a lot more homeless people than before," he notes. "A lot of people just find themselves homeless in this economy."

It wasn't long ago that Bombay Bistro wasn't making enough to give back. "We have been here for 69 months now and we have only really started to make a profit in the last six," Gill explains. "We knew it wouldn't be easy setting up a restaurant in Boulder. There are so many great restaurants here."

For now, the frozen food line is available only at Bombay Bistro, although Gill isn't ruling out going to supermarkets to see if he can get it on their shelves. In the meantime, you can also order it online at Bombay Bistro's website. The entrees start at $5 each, with shipping anywhere in the United States.

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Shela Burgess
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