Brown Water Coffee roasts good beans for a good cause

Ricky Padilla, founder of Brown Water Coffee, doesn't think his company's mission ends with serving good coffee. He also wants that coffee to support good works.

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With the help of Katy Englert and Stevi McNeill, Padilla opened Brown Water Coffee in May. The Denver coffee roaster sets aside one dollar for every bag of coffee it sells, and donates it to El Porvenir, a non-profit that focuses on clean-water projects in rural Nicaragua. "I became obsessed with the idea of helping people in Third World countries that are in desperate need of clean drinking water," explains Padilla. "It has always been a cause that has really resonated with me."

When Padilla was sitting in class in college, he got the idea to start his own coffee-roasting company. So he started researching the coffee-farming industry, and decided he wanted to support the farmers and their families, as well as the areas around those farms. "People die everyday because they don't have access to clean water," he says. "This cause is simple and inexpensive, yet so important."

But not only is Brown Water helping out a good cause, he adds, it's selling "the best coffee out there." Brown Water Coffee works through Atlas Coffee Importers to bring in coffee from Guatemala, Honduras, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Brazil and more.

"We hope to get our name out there and our coffee in grocery chains in the near future," Padilla says. "Eventually we'd like to open a coffee bar or two in Denver, and expand from there." Find out more about Brown Water here.

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