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Reader: Take That, Subway! Denver Can Make Its Own Sandwiches

Molly Martin
It's amazing that Molly Martin managed to sandwich in any other culinary topics during a month devoted to determining "The Best Sandwich Shops in Denver." Along the way, she made side trips into certain specialities, including Italian beef and chopped cheese.

In their comments on the Westword Facebook page, readers have been quick to agree with a few of Molly's picks, and serve up a few of their own favorites. Says Heather: 
Take that, Subway! Denver can make its own sandwiches.
Adds Giselle: 
Awesome list, glad to see Carmine's getting some love. Vinh Xuong, Ba Le and Viet's Deli are also great for banh mi!
Adds James:
This writer knows what she's talking about. Las Tortas is the truth!
Responds John:
Worst list ever. I'd add New York Deli News for hot pastrami. Let's talk Italian hoagie. Best? Snarf's on white. No mustard or peppers. Mustard doesn't belong on an Italian sub and I don't eat jarred peppers.
Counters Carolina: 
Snarf's for an Italian?!? The East Coast just collectively rolled over in its grave.
Notes Jay:
Snarf's is one of the better options I have found out here, but inconsistent between locations.
Suggests Gordon:
I def agree with Lou’s; Rye Society should be on this list, too!
Offers Trevor:
The chopped cheese and Taylor Ham (I’ll hunt you down if you call it pork roll) at the Grateful Gnome are killer.
And then there's this from Saj:
Italian beef…chopped cheese…Westword, desperately trying to make Denver something it isn’t…
What do you think of our list of the best sandwich shops? What's your favorite? Have you tried a chopped cheese in Denver? An Italian beef? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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