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Frank Bonanno writes a poignant blog post about Luca, his son -- and the benefit to give back to the hospital that saved him

That month at Children's, Luca was surrounded with thoughtful, caring nurses. Nurses who talked him through the wires coming out of his head and the tubes coming out of his arms. Nurses who thoughtfully explained the video monitors and the bathroom protocol and the litany of medicines. Nurses who had a way with small needles and lean little arms-who brought toys and meals, and, once, a dog for Luca to play with. Nurses who remembered my son by name without having to look at his chart, and nurses whose names I, of course, do not remember, but wish I could, because they've earned my forever gratitude. Thank you. You tended to Luca and to our entire family. Thank you. -- an except from Frank Bonanno's "The Month Luca was a Borg."

Frank Bonanno, the owner/chef of Luca d'Italia, Bones, Mizuna, Osteria Marco, Wednesday's Pie, Lou's, Green Russell and Russell's Smokehouse, has maintained his own blog for the past six years, and while his posts are always entertaining, sometimes controversial (especially when he's lashing out at the Department of Health), occasionally amusing (his post titled "Is it my Fault Someone Stunk up the Bathroom?" is clever and cheeky), his latest entry, "The Month Luca was a Borg," which he just wrote, is intensely personal.

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