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Seven Denver Twists on Game of Thrones Fare

Game of Thrones — don't leave us so soon!
Game of Thrones — don't leave us so soon! Courtesy of HBO
The seventh season of HBO's Game of Thrones seems like it just started, but the season finale this Sunday, August 27, is fast approaching (just like those white walkers). From pot pie to lemon cake, you'll want to eat your feelings as another season ends too soon. Celebrate (or mourn) with these Denver versions of the food seen on Game of Thrones before the final episode.

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Snooze's egg-topped breakfast pot pie is made with puff-pastry dough and sausage gravy.
Ashley Davis Photography
1701 Wynkoop Sreet (and other locations)

A lot of people give up on the gravy, but Snooze certainly did not. The breakfast pot pie delivers a lighter, flakier version of the classic dinner dish, all tied together with a rich sausage gravy. Just vanquish the image of the segue from Hot Pie's pot pie to Jorah Mormont's medical condition from your mind before you dig in.

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Root Down's duck wings are served with a mango lime aioli.
Veronica Penney
Root Down
1600 West 33rd Avenue

If you stop at the Inn of the Crossroads, you'll be dining on whole honeyed duck. But the jerk duck wings at Root Down offer a tropical alternative to the traditional roasted bird. Just because the Game of Thrones characters can't enjoy Caribbean flavors doesn't mean you have to miss out.

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Izzio's at the Denver Central Market bakes a lineup of rustic breads.
Veronica Penney
Izzio Bakery (inside Denver Central Market)
2669 Larimer Street

Brown bread, another of Hot Pie's favorites, refers to any type of whole-grain bread, usually made with wheat or rye. Izzio Bakery offers a wide selection of rustic wheat, rye and sourdough breads. Break bread with members of your house — but don't expect to find a loaf in the shape of a direwolf.

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Hogshead Brewery has a sunny patio for summer afternoon beers.
Veronica Penney
Hogshead Brewery
4460 West 29th Avenue

If you have something in common with the Hound and find yourself wishing water was ale, Hogshead Brewery can help. Hogshead specializes in traditional English-style beer and keeps a selection of ales on tap — including a few drawn from casks. Now, if only they had some chicken.

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