Kazmos Lounge to close this weekend

It's inevitable: On January 1, some restaurant suddenly closes its doors, leaving customers wondering what happened and employees wondering where they're going to collect their paychecks.

But Kazmos Lounge is not skulking off into the night. Instead, it's throwing a helluva goodbye party this weekend. "It was a heartache," owner Victor Gomez says of the decision to close the place he's run for more than six years, "but I don't have any regrets. It is what it is. It's business."

The final reggae dance will run from 10 p.m. until close Saturday night, and then Kazmos will open at 7 a.m. on Sunday, January 3, for one last day of business. "It was kind of crazy last week," Gomez says, as word started passing between regulars at what Westword had dubbed the town's best early-morning happy hour. And it's bound to be even crazier this weekend.

And then? Gomez will lock up the doors and head for home. "I'm happy to get a little of my life back," he says.

No word on what will become of 1381 Kalamath -- but rumor has an office taking over that address. And as for the regular reggae nights? "When one door is closed," says promoter Bloodpreshah, "don't you know another is opened?"

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