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Latke Love is for latke lovers, and Hanukah is the height of the season

December means latkes to most of the people in this country who celebrate Hanukah (and even to many happy eaters who don't), but the simple yet delicious -- and infinitely variable -- potato pancakes are pretty good the rest of the year as well.

At least that's what the owners of Latke Love are hoping. The farmers' market-style vendor opened for business in May and spent the summer cooking latkes at various markets and other spots, including City Park Jazz and the Denver Beer Co.

And although Steve Shander, his wife, Tina, and his sister, Dina, who also run a catering business, can't use their ovens nearly as much during the colder months, they still hit the indoor Denver Urban Homesteading Market most weekends and offer latkes to go.

And not just any latkes. These are based on Tina's grandmother's recipe and then topped with an enormous variety of other things, including smoked salmon and capers, barbecue pulled pork, beef brisket, mac 'n' cheese, and even corn beef hash and eggs.

"It's something a little different than a Zaidy's Deli or something like that," says Steve, who got the idea for Latke Love last year while walking around New York City.

But since not everyone knows what a latke is, the Shanders use the catchphrase "Potato Pancakes Piled High," which helps get the message across.

Eventually, Steve says, they'd like to find a permanent storefront for Latke Love, and are investigating a couple of neighborhoods, including Highland and south Denver.

In the meantime, you can get your Hanukah fix by finding them on Facebook.

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