MassRoots Munchie Crawl Coming to Broadway in October

Get your fix of two things Denver does best: weed and food. The brainchild of local cannabis cool guy Brett Davis, the first annual MassRoots Munchie Crawl will take a group of stoners to a string of locations along Broadway, where they'll partake in some of the best munchies the Baker neighborhood has to offer. In this case, the munchies will include both infused edibles and plain old, delicious, non-medicated food.

MassRoots, L'Eagle, Denver Relief, Colorado Cannabis Tours, Better Baked, Peak and Sticky Buds are just some of the places sponsoring the Munchie Crawl; most of those businesses will be stops on the crawl route. "I developed the entire project because I live in Denver, I live in Baker, and these are all the dispensaries and restaurants I eat at every day," says Davis. "It supports local business, plus we're giving smokers a safe place to go within the city."

The crawl, which is like a stoner version of a pub crawl, starts at 1 p.m. and goes until 6 p.m. on October 3 on Broadway between Alameda and Sixth Avenue. With a Munchie Crawl wristband, you'll get a sample of noshes or specialty discounted items at each stop, including leprechaun lollipops at Dougherty's, a themed cookie at Sugar Bakeshop, a coffee drink at Mutiny, and more to be announced on the Munchie Crawl Facebook. But since Colorado Cannabis Tours is providing a party bus, there will be a safe place to smoke legally during the crawl. The idea is that you jump on the bus to smoke, get off and walk to the next location, eat, smoke, repeat. 

All proceeds will benefit Art of War, a nonprofit veterans' art therapy program that works with war vets, particularly those with PTSD. In fact, Better Baked edibles will be doing a special cookie that is based on a strain that has been successful for PTSD, aptly titled Hero Cookies and marketed for veterans. Better Baked will also be unveiling a "potcicle" icy pop or otter pop with ten milligrams apiece of THC.

Weed isn’t technically included, but every dispensary along the crawl will be doing promos, from 10 percent off to mystery deals. Other perks? Free, custom swag bags for the first 100 crawlers, thanks to MassRoots. Weed Stream is providing the music and entertainment, and there will be an after-party at 3 Kings, included with your ticket. The limo will even hang around in front of that party, so people can hop on and indulge.  

There will be a Munchie Crawl in Boulder in October, too, but the date is unannounced. Denver Munchie Crawl tickets go on sale today, September 1, and cost $25; use the promo code Westword to get five bucks off. prices increas to $35 on September 7.

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Lindsey Bartlett is a writer, photographer, artist, Denver native and weed-snob. Her work has been published in Vanity Fair, High Times and Leafly, to name a few.
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