Pulcinella Ristorante is reincarnated as a 7-Eleven

The space at 1800 Lawrence Street that held Pulcinella Ristorante from 2006 until early 2009 will soon be a 7-Eleven.

In a couple of months, taquitos, Slurpees and beef jerky will be sold where sophisticated sauces and pasta presentations once ruled.

The Pulcinella name lives on, though, at the four Pulcinella Pizza outlets in the metro area, including a popular spot at 1400 East Hampden Avenue in Cherry Hills Village that now has a full bar.

The original Pulcinella Ristorante, which opened in Fort Collins in 1991, has gone dark, although the Pulcinella Pizzeria is still serving that town; a second restaurant in Lafayette has also closed, although there's a pizza joint there, too.

"After serving fine-dining experiences since 1991, Pulcinella Ristorante is taking a break," says chef/owner Antonio Race, "but will be back some time in the future. We wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to all our loyal customers who have supported us over these last eighteen years."

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