Reader: Bourbon Grill makes me glad I live in Denver

On this first full day of summer, we offer the musings of a newcomer to our city, dangusmaster, who just posted this on our "50 reasons we're glad we live in Denver" -- but be patient; there's a culinary kicker at the end.

Denver's not a bad place to live, although it's pretty much hipsters, insane homeless, and yuppies. Dive bars are great for about 10 years then they get old and you wonder why you wasted so much time in dark places that reaked of old pabst.

Anywhere outside of downtown just looks like the great wall of strip mall to me, and the mountains are really the best part about living here; being able to escape. Seeing a medical marijuana store on every corner doesn't really make me think I'm somewhere awesome, Its fine to get high but does it really need to be every five feet and take up half the westword? Its just a bit lowbro;, they should just let coffee shops sell it and stop with all this "Bad back" nonsense, (I've done tree work for 15 years bending to pick up hundred pound logs all day and I dont need pot to heal me, its absurd, what a silly game)

As far as the sante fe art scene I agree its pretty horrid, unless your idea of art is overpriced southwestern pastel oil paintings of a wolf howling at a moon on some mesa. Its mostly an excuse for people to look cultured infront of there date. The real art is in the atttoo shops along there that actually try to do something original and eye catching.

The buffalo? Yeah the roam in the zoo, and are boring as hell to look at, see one and you're set for life on that.

The music scene? A couple gems but most of it is godawful.

Zombies? Dont exist.

16th street mall, pretty fun place, but in the end, its a mall.

And so on, its all just kinda like "Yeah thats sorta cool!" Lodo is a like jersey shore at night, cap hill is the home of the need-a-quater indian tribe and "Hey excuse me sir..." and cherry creek is a godless yuppie sesspool.

I'm not a total pecimist though, I have to say, I really like bourbon chicken on colfax.

And why are you glad you live in Denver?

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.