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Rory's Tavern Will Open Soon in Former Club 404 Space on Broadway

A new project called Rory's Tavern is moving into the former Club 404 space at 404 Broadway, operated by Jerry Feld for more than sixty years. Since the 404 closed at the end of 2011, two other bars have come and gone: first Denver Wheel Club 404 and then Brendan's 404. In both instances, the 404 legacy was preserved, along with the vintage "Club 404 Lounge" sign above the door. 

Rory's has restored some of the building's original features (like uncovering front windows on either side of the entry that had been stuccoed over), and the vintage sign remains in place, even if it currently sports a coat of white primer paint. 

Neither the Wheel Club nor Brendan's lasted long at the address; the first closed after less than a year, and the second made it three years before being seized by the State of Colorado in January for failure to pay taxes. 

We haven't had a chance to peek inside Rory's yet, but the bar's Facebook page sports an Irish theme, and a photo shows tables bedecked in white tablecloths. Another photo clearly displays the "Hep Hounds" mural on the interior brick wall, originally painted by Constance Depler Coleman.

Is it just a coincidence that another vintage bar named after its street address, the 715 Club in Five Points, just reopened under new ownership and also houses an old mural depicting dogs enjoying club life?

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