Openings and Closings

Rusty Taco coming to Aurora

Old School Burgers had a lot of fans when the mini-chain started cooking in Colorado almost a decade ago, but other burger joints soon took over the market. And since the Old School Burgers at 1760 South Havana Street in Aurora turned off its grill more than two years ago, that spot has been empty. Now it looks like it will finally get a tenant: Rusty Taco has filed for a liquor license at that address.

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Like fast-casual burgers, upscale tacos aren't exactly a new concept in the Denver dining area -- although most taco joints in Aurora are decidedly more downhome.

"Where Tacos are the most important meal of the day!" is the Rusty Taco motto, and it serves up tacos for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The specialty is the "Rusty Taco," which gets its color from a special spice mixed with anchiote pork and charred pineapple.

The Texas-based Rusty Taco chain has thirteen locations, most in that state and a couple in Minnesota. The Aurora store would be its first in Colorado.

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