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Love Dining and Writing? We're Looking for a Food & Drink Intern

Hungry to cover Denver's food scene?
Michael Emery Hecker
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Calling all current college students and recent graduates: Do you have a passion for all things culinary, as well as an interest in journalism? 

We're looking for a Food & Drink intern to tell stories about Denver's restaurant and food industry with a focus on in-depth reporting. This is a sixteen-week, ten-hour-a-week (at $14.77 an hour) program with a flexible schedule.

Read Westword's latest food and drink coverage for examples of the kinds of stories we cover.

Interested? Send a cover letter, résumé and several recent writing samples (published or not) to Food & Drink editor Molly Martin at [email protected].

Note: Westword is always looking for strong writers in all of our areas of coverage, from politics to pot. If you're interested in joining us as a contributor, send a note to [email protected].
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