Wings without feathers and other reasons why DJ Rockstar Aaron will miss Hooters

DJ Rockstar Aaron loved Hooters -- a lot. In fact, Aaron -- who DJs five nights a week at clubs all over town and is known for his massive signature pink mohawk -- loved the South Colorado Boulevard restaurant so much that he ate there once a month on Wednesdays for the $9.99 all-you-can-eat wings deal. He was also the upstanding Foursquare mayor there. "Most people are too embarrassed to check in there," he told Westword in 2010 for our story, "Foursquare mayors reveal their territorial ambitions."I'm embarrassingly proud of being the mayor at Hooters."

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So, when Aaron found out that the place was closing and being demolished, he was understandably dismayed. "So sad," he writes. "It was my special...place."

To help us all cope, Aaron provided this list of things he will miss the most about the Hooters location. None of them, incidentally, involve boobs.

5. The convenient location. It's down the street from my gym.

4. Wings that didn't have feathers on them.

3. The Hooters waitresses. Once I went in and the waitress asked if I had a pink Mohawk because I lost a bet. (Aaron responded by asking her the same thing about her hair. Snap!)

2. To go boxes. Hooters on Colorado would give you a box for any unfinished wings on Wingsday, whereas other locations would not allow me to take any leftovers home.

1. Finally I will miss my gaggle of friends that I get together with for our Wingsday lunch meetings.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.