Jersey Shore 3 Episode 7: Even more fighting, even less funny

​Guess what? Ronnie and Sammi are fighting. Again. Still. At this point, anyone who stomachs this show has to hate her, because she's turned Jersey Shore house into a petri dish of bizarre mind games, fighting and girlfriend doublespeak. The Situation has been sharing a room with the world's most miserable couple, and decides he needs to step in. But he takes the Sammi point of entry and violates bro code. Of course, this drama for drama's sake results in, well, more drama. This also sucks The Situation into the cypher of psychosis, a place no single man ever wants to be.

Pauly D does the right thing and takes Ronnie to the boardwalk to cool off, but unfortunately Deena also takes Sammi to the boardwalk--where her totally delusional thinking goes into hyper-speed, and she thinks she sees Ron with another woman. This leads to Sam acting a fool and trying to pick up some random dude at the bar, but she thankfully has no luck. Neither of them manage to cheat on each other, giving them no reason to be fighting, really. But where there is booze and dramatic behavior, there is a way.
Poor Deena. She may never truly be a part of this fucked up family.
Poor Deena. She may never truly be a part of this fucked up family.

Sammi packs some of her stuff that isn't obliterated or on the porch and actually leaves. Yes, she gets in a cab and (presumably) goes home. Ronnie cries some more. Then as if everyone in the house has Stockholm syndrome, Vinnie and Pauly D express sadness by the break up of their "family." Their tan, drunk, ritualistically abusive family. 

Semi-Memorable quotes:

"Be a woman and man up for your fucking self for once." - Ronnie

"I'm just going to go out and be a slut" - Sammi

"It's kind of an analogy of Vinny's penis not fitting in my pinhole." - Snooki

"He had a camel toe going on, on his penis and everything." - Deena

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