Death Hickey Blues

Although the music on this four-song EP doesn't skimp on commercial elements, it's actually quite an odd hybrid. For the most part, lead singer Nasir Malik's vocals sound as if they've been fueled by ramen — but the music he makes, along with guitarists Samuel Pritchett and Joshua Lee and a brotherly rhythm section featuring Willie and Brad Berryman, features bits and pieces from widely assorted styles. "The Fall" combines big-rock guitars, pure-pop verses and occasional jam-band fillips; "Under My Head" includes a touch of "Theme From Shaft" wah-wah; "Fly By" sports harmonica and other acoustic touches; and "The Rain Is Gone" nods to modern country. Such schizophrenia makes for a ride that's not nearly as smooth as the boys' harmonies. No wonder Raleigh St. boasts more promise than coherence.


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