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Rhino Records has just released the second volume of the infamous Nuggets collection, a treasure chest of the finest, strangest and most obscure garage-rock recordings of all time. Whether or not the Down-N-Outs, who perform Saturday, June 30, at Seven South, with Dressy Bessy, owe their style to a careful study of the Nuggets box or a decade or so of careful thrift-store vinyl shopping, their brand of crunchy guitar rock has all of the genre's classic elements. There are simple, compulsive rhythms, catchy, rhyming lyrics from a slightly bratty vocalist (courtesy of Michael Daboll), and little B-movie touches here and there: Chris Hedlund's contributions on organ and maracas are as much a part of the sound as the bombastic guitar riffs. On Saturday, the D-N-Os release Ape Hanger, an album that's reportedly been in the can for more than a year. Luckily, this kind of classic, British Invasion-inspired stuff has no expiration date.


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