Do thumping club tracks move better when they're being pumped out by a couple of guys donning gold Jason Voorhees masks? Maybe. In the four years that Toronto duo MSTRKRFT has been supplying thick electro-house, its two producers have kept some impressive company. They've famously remixed everyone from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs to John Legend to Kylie Minogue to Metric to, most bizarrely, Jesse McCartney. The pair's latest full-length, last year's Fist of God, keeps up the heady pace. The album shoots by with blurry, buzzing rhythms and vocal clips heavy on that repeat-peat-peating effect. And this five-alarm fire of a party doesn't B.S. about any artistic ambitions. The track "Word Up," for example, is built out of snippets of Ghostface Killah intoning, "It's all in your fuckin'" and "Do it hard." The only way these guys could get more raw is if they wore Chucky masks instead.


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