Ozric Tentacles

Pioneer of the English space-rock underground, Ozric Tentacles has been rearranging brain cells since 1982, when its expansive, instrumental workouts drew comparisons to better-known space cadets like Pink Floyd and Hawkwind. Champions of the pretentious album title (Pungent Effulgent, anyone?), the merry minstrels have nonetheless racked up an impressive back catalogue since their experimental heyday of cassette-only releases. OT showcases founder Ed Wynne's bold, heavily processed virtuoso guitar -- arguably the missing link between Joe Satriani and Buckethead -- which is augmented by quasi-classical flutist John Egan, bassist Pazza, drummer Schoo and the celestial organ licks of new keyboard wizard Hal Waters (son of Floyd visionary Roger Waters, and Ozric veteran Seaweed's heir apparent). Touring in support of its umpteenth release, Spirals in Hyperspace (Magna Carter), the mighty Oz blends dub, psychedelia, ambient trance and dance into a seamless, free-form aural experience suitable for framing. The Tentacled Ones boast one fierce live unit, by tuttle.


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