Radiohead in a Telluride Time Lapse

Radiohead in a Telluride Time Lapse

If any of your out of state friends ever ask you again why you choose to live in a place like Colorado instead of, say, New York or LA or, hell, I don't know, Dubuque, Iowa, save the effort of trying to come up with some compelling diatribe about the mountains and the four seasons and the whole three hundred days of the sunshine bit, and just send them a link to Telluride Film Festival's new promo video. Posted exclusively at Variety (and embedded after the jump), the clip marries Telluride's majestic scenery with the equally stunning and magnificent sounds of Radiohead. No word on how the Telluride folks convinced Thom Yorke and company to let them use the track "Nudes," but, by golly, we're glad they did. -- Dave Herrera


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