Before the BoDeans became annoyingly omnipresent -- thanks largely to TV's Party of Five using "Closer to Free" as its theme song -- the blue-collar band from Milwaukee was a regular on college radio, with more critical acclaim than mass-market appeal. Although the BoDeans' roots-rock music, with its barbed hooks and simple, catchy melodies, was deftly displayed on albums starting with a 1986 debut and occasionally even made it onto the Billboard charts, the band was overshadowed by bigger, brassier pop artists through the '80s. It took the popular Fox program and "Closer" to close the deal with mainstream audiences. Now the BoDeans are back on the road supporting Resolution, their June release on Rounder Records, and proving that they deserve the accolades of both cult followers and their burgeoning fan base. Witness their latest at the Fillmore Auditorium this Saturday, November 20.


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