The 50 worst rap lyrics: The complete list

The 50 worst rap lyrics: The complete list

We've finally arrived: The The best of the worst. The creme de la crap. The unholy of unholies. If you thought 50-11 were bad, you ain't seen nothin' yet. These are the lyrics that can turn a good album sour, and make a bad album laughable. Included are quotes from Eminem, Lil B, J. Cole, 2 Chainz, ICP and more. Continue on for the brutal conclusion the fifty worst rap lyrics of all time

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50. M.I.M.S. - "This is Why I'm Hot"

"I'm hot cuz I'm fly. You ain't cuz you not."

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Hey, Mims. Not fair. You at least have to explain to me why I'm not hot, so that I can correct my behavior and someday become, you know, hot.

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49. MC Hammer - "Pumps and a Bump"

"I don't like 'em figgity fat, I like 'em stiggity stacked/You wiggity wiggity wack if you ain't got biggity back."

You know what's wiggity wack? This liggity line. Thank giggity God this trend diggity died diggity decades ago. In figgity fact, if I never hear rhyming like this again, unless it's for a Das EFX reunion, it'll be too siggity soon.

48. Ice Cube - "It Was a Good Day"

"And my dick runs deep, so deep/So deep put her ass to sleep,"

Ice Cube has been with a lot of ladies, so it's possible that he knows something that we don't, but generally putting her ass to sleep is something to avoid mid-coitus.

47. Lil' Wayne - "Goulish"

"Fuck Pusha T and anybody that love him/His head up his ass, I'mma have to head-butt him"

This is the rhyme that Wayne began his Pusha T diss with, so no matter what he said after, he had already lost. Wordplay for the sake of wordplay is like chewing for the sake of chewing.

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46. Notorious B.I.G. - "The Ten Crack Commandments"

"Rule nombre uno"

Big is one of the greatest American rappers of all time, but did you know that he's also one of the greatest Spanglish rappers of all time? Sure, "nombre" means "name," but, come on, this is America. If it sounds Spanish and you know what he's trying to say then, functionally, you're speaking the language.

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