This four-piece is a genuine hybrid. Their lyrics vacillate between English, Spanish and Portuguese, while the music blends hard-core punk and metal. The results are as brutal as they are effective.

Judging strictly by time, Valiomierda, which clocks in at well under half an hour, qualifies as an EP. Somehow, though, cohorts Igor Panasewicz, Lance Julander, Val Landrum and Bart McCrorey manage to squeeze fifteen songs into this span. On occasion, the material's brevity can be a drawback; for instance, "Valio Mierda" ends just as a memorable riff is working up some powerful momentum. Then again, there are worse things than leaving listeners wanting more, and the likes of "Crucificados Pelo Sistema" undeniably do. As a bonus, the band's first-rate cover of Motrhead's "Killed by Death" is allowed to extend for more than two minutes -- which in this setting feels downright luxuriant.

The Spanish phrase "valió mierda" roughly translates to "it wasn't worth shit." Sorry, guys, but you're wrong.


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