Buds for Boobies: Breast cancer event backs more study of marijuana's medicinal qualities

Buds for Boobies, taking place at 7 p.m. tonight at the Boulder Theater, is among the season's most unusual fundraisers: a medical-marijuana-themed decorative bra auction, with proceeds earmarked for breast-cancer research. But it's also a music-filled educational symposium arguing that MMJ isn't just for nausea anymore.

"Right now, we're seeing research from the past ten to twelve years that shows astonishing results from cannabinoids," says Kelly Moore, executive director of Cannabis for Breast Cancer Research, a nonprofit organization that promotes the use of certain natural cannabis extracts that Moore believes "target cancer cells, eradicating abnormal cells while leaving healthy cells intact."

Of course, most breast-cancer patients currently using medical marijuana do so to alleviate the symptoms that follow radiation and chemotherapy. But Moore maintains that "some people are experiencing really positive results" that go beyond soothing nausea. "And we want to really look at this, study it. We're not trying to push it on people, but we want to analyze all the ways cannabis can help patients."

Hence Buds for Boobies, which will feature performances by the Goonies, the Pete Kartsounses Band and Miraja, aerial dance from Lauralight Maqi and circus performance art courtesy of Stephinity Salazar in addition to a bra auction, with the items up for bid getting runway spotlight time. In addition, the bash will take on "the misconceptions people have about cannabis," Moore notes. "We really want to establish the efficacy of cannabis in cancer treatment -- show people the other side of this medicine."

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