Former Bronco Mark Schlereth's soap-opera outtakes

Former Bronco Mark Schlereth's soap-opera outtakes

In a 2001 Message column, we profiled former Denver Bronco Mark Schlereth under the headline, "Two-Way Player: Mark Schlereth Tries to Balance Local Radio With a Rising TV Career." Seven years later, he's still trying to do so. While he doesn't have a daily radio position in Denver at present, he hosts the "Monday Night Blitz" program for FM 104.3/The Fan. Moreover, he supplements his high-profile commentating gig at ESPN with occasional appearance on the CBS soap opera Guiding Light, playing a recurring character named Roc Hoover.

Despite this name, Schlereth's dramatic efforts don't suck as badly as the thespian attempts of some ex-jocks -- although it's hard to tell from the following clip, which features outtakes from his early days on GL. Watch as he stumbles through a dialogue exchange or two before admitting, "I completely forgot what I'm supposed to say." That's acting! Click "More" to see the video. -- Michael Roberts

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