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Marshall Vian Summers's latest message from God coming Sunday from Boulder (VIDEO)

Those of you who think Sunday, February 6, is all about the Super Bowl matchup between the Packers and the Steelers are sadly misinformed. According to Joyce Johnson, spokeswoman for the Boulder-based Society for the New Message from God, the real news on that day involves the latest message delivered to Marshall Vian Summers by the Creator of All That is Seen and Unseen.

Smell a moneymaking scam? Before the subject is raised, Johnson, an acolyte who's known Summers for sixteen years, volunteers her defense.

"Marshall has been receiving this new message from God for over 25 years, and he is a gentleman of exceptional integrity. He is certainly not in this to make money. His whole purpose in doing this is to bring a new message from God into the world and present it to the world, because of humanity's dire need at this time."

Yes, Johnson notes that books related to the new message are for sale on Summers-related websites, including But, she adds, "on two of our sites, and, two of the major books of the revelation are offered online for free: one about the heart of the spirituality of this new revelation, and also a complete book about the extraterrestrial presence in the world today. And why would someone offer a book for free if they can sell it? To get the message into the world."

How do these messages arrive?

"What happens is, Marshall mysteriously receives these messages on different days and records them immediately," Johnson explains. "So what people hear when they listen to these messages is the voice of the Angelic Presence speaking through Marshall. It does not sound like Marshall's speaking voice. That's what's shared in broadcasts. Marshall used to present these recordings himself, speaking in his normal voice, but on February 6, Carol Coffey will introduce the broadcast. Then everyone who is present listening will hear this recorded message of the Angelic Presence speaking through Marshall -- and they, of course, get their information from God. That's how grand this is. And at the close of the message, there will be some discussion and questions that will be answered from people around the world who are tuning in and hearing the same message."

When asked about the content of this message, and of those that have come to Summers over the past quarter-century, Johnson speaks in broad generalities.

"It's not Christian, per se, and it's not Muslim, per se. It's not based on any religion that is here in the world today," she allows. "God has always sent new revelations into the world for that time and place, and they're quite valid for that time and place. But what God has sent into the world this time is something new. It's religion and spirituality at the level of what we call 'knowledge.' And knowledge means the intelligence of spirit, and the movement of spirit within you. Every human being has this gift from the Creator, and that is what the new message speaks to. It's speaking at a deeper level -- the deepest level within people.

"It's not a solution to the problems of the world," she goes on, "but a way for people to navigate -- because what's happening is going to affect every human being on the planet. And there's also another great situation, which is humanity's encounter with intelligent life in the universe. This also poses a grave situation for humanity, because this situation is going on very surreptitiously. So God, in effect, has intervened and said, 'It's time for you people to hear the truth of what's going on.'"

If that description intrigues you rather than reminding you why you stopped watching V, the latest message can be heard at 10 a.m. on Sunday, February 6, at -- and those who'd like to witness it in person can do so at the Greater Community Sanctuary, 1025 Rosewood Avenue, Suite 102, in Boulder. For a preview, check out the video below, featuring Carol Coffey:

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