Reader: Scientology is not a religion, it's a business

"Making a Play," Off Limits, June 21

Blinded by Scientology

Scientology is not a religion; it's a business started by a science-fiction writer. It takes advantage of weak-minded people simply to get their money and provides nothing beneficial in return. The Catholic Church operates in the same manner.

Lance Newcombe

How disappointed I am with you all at Westword! As a generally alternative source (despite being corporate-owned) for news, I have felt I can always get a unique perspective from you about Colorado, and then I saw the June 21 Off Limits.

Did the Church of Scientology pay you for that article? Your staff knows as well as I do that Scientologists believe in Xenu and aliens and well, the "South Park Summary" minus a few details. Oh, so they kept the historic building; did they locate it where they did to bring in or push out the homeless nearby? Has anyone at your staff bothered to check out some of the Dianetics books from the library where they, too, can learn all Scientology has to teach without paying all the money? Because I did take some time out to read some of Hubbard's stuff when I did a project for a religious studies class at graduate college. I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt, and I do believe religion can be a good thing for people, but a religion all about exploiting people for money is no religion.

And shame on you, Westword, for trying to act like Scientology isn't more than it is.

Name withheld on request

Yeah, five minutes with Dianetics will send the Rockies on a path to eclipsing the Chicago Cubs' World Series drought.

Lisa Lirones
Posted at

Jeebus cripes, Westword. Geesh, you're part of the Village Voice chain, hello! Tony Ortega's been doing stellar work at the Village Voice reporting on Scientology, but you guys took a press release and decided to go with "funny."

It's not funny when people are being shaken down and their wallets hoovered to buy buildings that stand empty and as a testament to David Miscavige's megalomania. You could have done so much more.

Dee Holmes
Mesa, Arizona

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"Last Writes," Laura Shunk, June 21

Final Course

I personally enjoyed Laura Shunk's restaurant reviews, and I am sorry to see her go. I felt she gave Denver and surrounding restaurants an even shake and had a decent knowledge base when it came to ethnic food and technique. She was much better than that yahoo Jason Sheehan, who talked so much about himself and so little about the food that I forgot I was reading a critique of a restaurant.

Thanks for the good work, Laura, and many happy returns.

Deb Weisman


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