The debut of Huffington Post Denver

Back in June, we told you that the Huffington Post would be opening a branch in Denver, to follow offices in New York City and Chicago. Then, in July, we confirmed that Ethan Axelrod, a former Colorado College student who just happens to be the son of big shot Obama advisor David Axelrod, would serve as the editor of HuffPo Denver. And today, the site launched, complete with a welcome column by the younger Axelrod, plus a number of rather bland pieces by political heavy-hitters, including Colorado Governor Bill Ritter, a regular blogger who's looking forward "to being one of the contributing voices to the Huffington Post to help your readers learn and understand Colorado and the Rocky Mountain West."

Westword, too, is part of this project. As senior editor for special projects Katherine Zaleski points out in her own blog, she and Axelrod confirmed a desire to link to our content during drinks with Westword editor Patricia Calhoun and web editor Joe Tone, "who shared some great Colorado stories that made this Manhattan-raised news girl blush." That's our specialty, of course -- but the main goal of these parties, as well as of the other info purveyors with whom HuffPo has made similar agreements (Channel 4, the Colorado Daily and plenty more), is to increase web traffic in the hopes of surviving the ongoing earthquake in the journalism industry.

No telling at this point if it'll work, but today, at least, HuffPo Denver is jam-packed with articles, blogs, etc. -- a roster led at this writing by former Congressman Tom Tancredo's critical comments about U.S. Senate candidate Jane Norton. The perspective is inarguably left of center, but there's so much stuff on hand that even conservatives may enjoy sifting through it. And then getting pissed off, no doubt.

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