Hydration Station: Six IV Bars and the Nearby Saloons Where You Can Juice Up

Just ask for the Phoenix.
Just ask for the Phoenix. Onus iV Hydration
It was never hard to go out and have a good time in Denver. But now, thanks to the recent rise in intravenous (IV) therapy clinics popping up around town, it’s also become a whole lot easier to wake up without a hangover.
From mobile units with fully licensed medical staff pulling up in your driveway to Onus iV Hydration expansions, IV bars are now serving all over Denver...and a new Greenwood Village location will open on July 19.

In the list below, we pair up six IV bars (in alphabetical order) with nearby bars where you can acquire the potential hangover that the IV bar can cure. There's also a bonus suggestion for those too under the weather to get out the door...

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Courtesy Revive
Revive Colorado
3120 Blake Street, Suite B

RiNo has no shortage of spots where you can plunge into alcoholic indulgences — whether you’re taking in jazz and cocktails at Nocturne, bellying up to the bar at Bar Fausto or sunning on the patio at Beryl's Beer Co. And if you happen to tie one on at the latter, you can just walk right across the patio to Revive Colorado, which opened right next door on July 11.

Revive Colorado offers a full menu of customized IV drips for your hangover and anything else your body might need starting at $115. (We recommend the libido enhancer injection if you're hoping to hit some happy hours once you recover.) And when you’re back on your feet and feeling in tip-top shape again, the health and wellness center also offers pilate, yoga and fitness classes. You can book online to get “revived.”

The price of the cure is higher than getting the hangover.
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Colorado Recovery Infusion Center
6081 South Quebec Street #100, Englewood

Englewood residents can spend their summer making their way through the rotating seasonal ales at C.B. & Potts and then head over to the Colorado Recovery Infusion Center for an intravenous drip. This refreshment is going to cost considerably more than tying one on: A Meyers’ Cocktail runs $150, and the most expensive infusion will set you back $500. Prices decrease as packages are purchased, and 20 percent will be taken off your first visit to Colorado Recovery Infusion Center if both you and a friend request the Meyers’ Cocktail.

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Just a hop, skip and a drink away from Bonnie Brae Tavern.
Hydrate IV Bar
Hydrate IV Bar Bonnie Brae
753 South University Boulevard

Those who live in the neighborhood know that Bonnie Brae Tavern is a “good place to know, and a good place to go.” After an evening of sitting at the bar, maybe watching a game and indulging in pizza, a total-body reset may be needed the next day. Hydrate IV Bar’s Bonnie Brae location opened in April 2016, offering IV services in a boutique setting. The Hangover IV drip starts at $99, and the price varies for jetlag, cold and flu and wellness drips. B-12 injections can be added for just $30, if you need to regulate your metabolism and get some “mental clarity” after a night out at the Bonnie Brae Tavern.

Hydrate IV Bar's owners will fix you up.
Hydrate IV Bar
Hydrate IV Bar Highlands Square
3440 32nd Avenue

Hydrate IV Bar recently expanded to Highlands Square, which is great news for anyone who plans on spending at evening at either Mead St. Station, The Matador or some combination of the two. Hydrate IV Bar’s website stresses that while the company does not encourage overconsumption of alcohol, the cure to a hangover is really quite simple: one liter of normal saline solution, B complex (which is known to deliver eight of the essential B vitamins), Toradol for the headache, and Zofran for the nausea. It will run you $99, but you’ll be up and running within 30 to 45 minutes.

Keep reading for more options.

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