West End Tavern's Wing King Challenge on Man V. Food season opener

West End Tavern's Wing King Challenge on Man V. Food season opener

The last time stunt-eater Adam Richman, star of Man V. Food, was seen chowing down in Denver, he was taking on the seven-pound burrito at Jack-n-Grill. And after many hours of prepping and filming and chatting and chewing, the burrito won.

But that didn't discourage Richman from making a secret, return trip to the area -- specifically, the West End Tavern, at 926 Pearl Street in Boulder, where he took on the Wing King Challenge: 50 wings in 30 minutes. Ninety others have tried, and only fifteen of them succeeded. The first Wing King was Mike Lawinski, crowned on September 22, 2009; like all the other winners, he got his wings free, another twelve at a later date, his picture on the Wing King Wall of Fame, and a members-only T-shirt.

Will Richman join this august group?

The folks at the West End, part of Dave Query's Big Red F restaurant group, aren't talking. They can't: That's part of the Travel Channel's deal.

To find out, you'll have to tune in to the premiere of Man V. Food, Season 3, on Wednesday, June 16 -- or just head to the West End Tavern, which will be hosting "The Watch Party." It kicks off at 6 p.m., to coincide with Man. V. Food's greatest hits show, and then continues through a double-header chow-down in San Diego and Boulder. To help revelers get in the spirit, the West End will also be offering its own mini Wing King challenge -- six wings in one minute.

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